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The Chronicles of Antecede
Fantasy Action Adventure Romance 

Lost   found


c.m. sage


Sometimes things are lost for a very long time…and then they are found.


Take Gracie for example.  She lost everything.  Her life, her family, even her name.  But after a shaky beginning, she may have found her true calling as one of the most powerful Cathalian warriors in Antecede, the land that bridges light and darkness.

Now her elder and nemesis, Donovan, has finally granted her an opportunity to train a new warrior.  But what if that warrior is her great, great, great, great grandson? And he brought along a mysterious friend.

Gracie and her fellow warriors of Antecede discover they aren’t the only ones who have a claim on their new charges.  Menacing enemies from the South have taken an interest in them as well.  

Come with Gracie, Donovan and their fellow warriors on a perilous quest to protect all that is good and right from the evil that threatens it.

And in the process discover what was lost...

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